Baja Chicken Burger (Triple O’s)

(This post originally appeared on “Let’s Eat Out Once A Week.“)

Triple O’s has a new burger for the summer of 2015, and it’s the Baja Chicken Burger – available only for a limited time. You could try this new burger with grilled OR spicy crispy chicken plus zesty guacamole.


I went with the Spicy Crispy Chicken, and I must say, it was a delicious burger. The chicken was definitely crispy, and the burger was indeed very spicy. The presence of the guacamole left a tangy and creamy taste. I liked it.

Of course, since Triple O’s burgers aren’t cheap, this one wasn’t either. The Baja Chicken Burger costs C$7.99, and if you go with the combo you pay an additional C$3.75. So, the combo would cost more than 12 bucks after taxes.

But in spite of the price, I would still say this burger was a winner. Spicy and crispy as advertised!


Baja Chicken Burger Combo – C$11.74


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