Mexi Cali (Re-visit)


Enchilada Combo – C$8.50

I was in the Dunbar area in Vancouver a couple of weeks ago, and I visited Mexi Cali (on Dunbar and West 28th) for the second time in as many months.


During the last visit, I’d had the Beef Redondo Roll-up with Mexi Fries and Slushy Limonada Combo. This time, I opted for the Enchilada with Rice and Beans plus Slushy Limonada. (Actually, you could have a pop instead but I went with the slushy limonada.) For the meat, there was a choice of either beef or chicken, and I picked beef.



I was given the slushy beverage right after I ordered – and it was yummy and refreshing. Just the perfect beverage for a warm day like that afternoon! And while Mexi Cali isn’t Starbucks or McDonald’s, I did get a chance to sit at my table and get some work done while I waited for the enchilada. And oh – during the first visit, I paid when I ordered. But this time, the lady said to pay after the meal.


The enchilada was ready after some time, and the lady cautioned that it was hot. So, I moved all my paperwork and got ready to eat! While it was tasty, the only regret that I had was Mexi fries didn’t come with this dish. Bummer!


The one comment I would have is Mexi Cali needs to update the prices on its website. The site,, still displays outdated prices, so that’s something that needs to be updated for sure – especially since that web address is proudly shown on the front window for everyone to see! Other than that, things were great. The service was excellent – the lady was very friendly to all of the customers, and the food was a winner!


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