Texan Burger (Fatburger)

Was at the Harbour Centre food court a couple of weeks ago back in mid-July, and I tried out the new Texan Burger at Fatburger.


Texan Burger Combo – C$13.99

The burger itself was C$9.99, and the combo with “bottomless” pop and fries came to C$13.99. I also grabbed a side of gravy for the fries for an extra 79 cents.

I found that Fatburger fries were pretty dry and without gravy, it was very mediocre. The gravy made them a little better. As for the Texan Burger, let’s just say it’s one and done.


Yes, the burger was juicy and delicious – but really greasy. It was essentially a very messy meal; even though the sauces didn’t drip or anything, my hands were all greasy from the burger. Yuck. In case you’re wondering what was in that burger, well, there was an Angus beef patty topped with pulled pork and Bourbon BBQ sauce as well as grilled onions. You can imagine how filling – and unhealthy – that burger was.

While Triple O’s often comes up with pretty decent specialty burgers, the same can’t be said for Fatburger. At least not with the Texan Burger. Very fattening and not something I would get again.



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