Powell Street Festival (Vancouver)

On the August 1st long weekend, the annual Powell Street Festival took place at Oppenheimer Park from 11:30 to 7:00 on both Saturday and Sunday, and I was around in the late afternoon on the first day to check things out.



I first tried something from the “Osakaball” booth called the Osaka Balls, which were popular Japanese dumplings with shrimp and scallop tempura bits, pickled ginger, and green onion. They were C$6.00 for seven pieces, and you had a choice of three different types of sauces. I went with the teri mayo, which was simply teriyaki sauce and mayo. One of the other sauces was regular, but I can’t remember the third one.




I also passed by a booth that sold Spam meat on sushi rolls – it was C$3.00 a dish for two. It was called Spam Musubi. It was tempting but I opted to pass.


I did get an Asahi Burger from the next booth, which cost C$5.00. Since I’d never had Japanese soda before – something called Ramune – I decided to fork out the C$2.50 for a bottle.





The burger had a beef patty as well as a slice of pineapple at the bottom. Other than that, an ordinary burger. As for this Japanese soda, it tasted kind of like Sprite. The lady at the booth asked me if I knew how to open that soda, and I said I didn’t. So she did something fancy and opened it for me. Guess I should have filmed it. Oh well.

Overall, a good festival but, of course, it was held in a sketchy part of town. I think the last time I’d been to the festival was back in 2004, so it was over a decade ago. If you were to try every type of food – or most of them – then you would find yourself spending way too much money at the event. Fortunately, by the time I got there, quite a few of the food items were “sold out,” so I only tried a couple of things there. We’ll see what type of food they will be serving up next year – if I decide to go again!



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