The Dunbar


Lamb Burger (w/ fries) – C$14.95

Was in the Dunbar Street area to run some errands on a Sunday afternoon recently, and I stopped by The Dunbar for a burger and to catch the ending of the Seattle-Cincinnati NFL game. I’m not a Bengals fan at all but since I’d been to Cincinnati and seen a Bengals game in person, I guess I’d rather see them win than the Seahawks.


I went with the Lamb Burger but mistakenly picked the fries as the side instead of the salad. I should really stop eating fries – my bad.

I didn’t sit by the bar but instead chose a table behind that area – but I could still see the game very clearly. In fact, I had my eyes on both flatscreens – the one directly in front of me was the Cincinnati game and the one to the left was showing the Chicago-Kansas City contest. Hahahaha, it was great to hear those Seahawks fans sitting at the bar cursing when their team gave up the ball in overtime – and they were more disgusted when the Bengals won it moments later. Fun times.


As for the burger, it was juicy and delicious. The fries were dry – just like the ones I’d had before at places like Vera’s Burger. Not a fan whatsoever of those fries.



One thing to mention here was at the end, after I’d paid, I said to the server, “Happy Thanksgiving” (since the Canadian Thanksgiving was the next day), and she seemed unenthusiastic.  Oh well.



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