Taf’s Cafe (Vancouver)

Taf’s Cafe, located on Granville and Robson in downtown Vancouver, has this retro look and feel to it on the second floor where there are multiple tables with nice artwork on the walls – good for a party of people to come and have a great time.

The problem is nobody comes up to check up on you – you’ve got to order downstairs and then either you wait and bring the food up (if you choose to go upstairs) or they bring it up to you. Of course, there is seating downstairs as well.

On this visit from a couple of months back, I ordered their Chicken Wings, but I didn’t like them too much.



Let’s just say they tasted and felt like frozen TV dinner at inflated prices.

I had no run-ins with anybody at the establishment, but I happened to hear about an argument between the owner/manager and a group on the second floor. Apparently, the owner/manager was rude to one of the customers and another one tried to talk peace and get the former to be more reasonable, only to have him flatly announce that he didn’t care if the whole group left. That’s bad business.

Based on the food and this little incident, you can guess what my recommendation for Taf’s Cafe would be. I don’t really need to spell it out.


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