More Fast Food (McDonald’s Delectable Bacon & Cheese Burger + Taco Time)…



At McDonald’s, they recently had their “tastes of different provinces” menu items during the early part of the summer. For the “Taste of Quebec,” they introduced this Delectable Bacon & Cheese Burger, which I had twice (at two different locations).




Both times, the presentation of the burger was, simply put, mediocre. As you can see from the images, the first burger hardly had any cheese in there – so how could it be called a “…Cheese Burger”? I didn’t think there was anything special about this “Taste of Quebec” burger.



Meanwhile, at the Taco Time at the Waterfront Centre food court in downtown Vancouver, I had a Beef Taco Salad one day when I was starving. Though it was delicious, it didn’t turn out to be very filling. I felt hungry again an hour later – even though I’m a fairly light eater. For something that cost C$7.69 (plus tax), the fact that I was still hungry later meant it was a bad deal.

I mean, you could have pub food downtown for C$5 to C$6 (plus a drink and tax/tips) and at least be well fed. Disappointing.


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