Subway’s Korean BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich

Subway’s Korean BBQ Pulled Pork sandwich features tender, slow-cooked seasoned, marinated pork (with garlic and Korean pepper) that’s advertised to be sweet and spicy. It also includes a savory soy and sesame sauce.


I had this sandwich twice in the month of July. Can’t say I found it to be extraordinarily special. The pulled pork was decent, with the texture being moist and tender. No complaints there. The sauce felt like a generic sauce that could be had in other fast food joints.



Again, this was just fast food, so going in my expectations weren’t that high to begin with. I mean, since it’s just fast food, I would normally have it twice (and at different locations) just to give them the benefit of the doubt. So far, there hasn’t been a third shot at it, which should tell you what I truly think about this sandwich.




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