Feastro the Rolling Bistro Food Truck


This post is from September, when it was still nice outside without any rain…. (unlike November now, where it practically rains every other day or so)….

There are a couple of locations for this Feastro the Rolling Bistro food truck in downtown Vancouver, and the one I ordered from was the one located on Howe Street near the Vancouver Art Gallery main entrance.


Feastro offers tacos, sandwiches, salads, and sides, but I went with their famous Feastro Original Dirty Fries – which was fries served with pulled pork and topped with chipotle aioli, BBQ sauce, lemon garlic aioli, salsa, and pickled jalapenos.

The individual size was C$7.00 – which was the one I got, while the share size was C$12.00. I also got a Watermelon Lemonade.


Because I was sitting outside the Art Gallery drawing pictures for a couple of hours (during late morning and early afternoon), I could see how busy Feastro was as the truck was just parked by the street in front of me. They seemed to be busy on and off during this particular September day, but I noticed that there were more moments where there was virtually nobody.



Anyway, it’s definitely convenient when there’s a food truck right there and the weather’s nice – and people want to grab a quick bite and enjoy sitting by the Art Gallery to enjoy their food.


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