McDonald’s Potato Rosti & Bacon Burger

My friend Z had a chance to try out McDonald’s Christmas 2016 promotional burger, the Potato Rosti & Bacon Burger – and she said it was “gross” and “yuck” (her words, not mine).


She proceeded to send me a picture to show me the mediocre quality of the burger inside.


When I asked Z to elaborate on her comments, she said the burger was simply “pieces of bacon and hash browns” and that it had “no taste.”

There you have it – an objective opinion about this burger from someone other than me.




Personally, I had it once before myself, and you can see mine was no different from Z’s. Actually, mine might have been even worse! That’s pretty bad if you take one look at it!

All I can say was I felt sick about half an hour after eating it… not saying that it made me sick – but I did feel horrible about 30 minutes afterward. So…

At least the Waffle Cut Fries were crunchy.


Mine were from Saturday, Nov. 26th; Z’s burger, meanwhile, was from Sunday, Dec. 11th. I guess you can say it was a slight improvement in terms of the quality of the burger two weeks later!


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