Boomers Bar & Grill (Re-Visit)

I go up to Boomers Bar & Grill whenever I check out a Vancouver NE Chiefs hockey game at the Planet Ice Coquitlam. And this would normally be a Saturday night, when the major midget team is playing.


I said “go up to” because Boomers is located on the second floor of the Planet Ice Coquitlam arena. During this particular visit, the Canucks-Penguins NHL game was on the flatscreen while the major midget tilt was played down below on ice level.


I wasn’t greeted as I walked in, so it became very obvious to me within seconds that you just sit wherever you want instead of waiting to be seated. (Yes, I said I’d come here before, but the previous visits had been so long ago – at least two years? – that I didn’t remember you didn’t need to wait to be seated.)


I chose a booth that allowed me to catch a bit of the NHL game and also take a look at the action below. The menu was on photocopied paper, not like a real “durable” menu you would normally see in other establishments. I ordered the Salt and Pepper Chicken Wings.


Because of its location – on the second level of Planet Ice, which was in an industrial area – you wouldn’t check out Boomers unless you had hockey practice or skating lessons, etc., or you had kids doing either one of those activities. You pretty much have to be in that area – which is practically in the middle of nowhere – to even know of Boomers’ existence.

Oh yeah, here was the interview that I did with a couple of the Chiefs players afterward:


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