The Bimini Public House (Re-Visit)


After visiting The Bimini Public House in Kitsilano in an attempt to catch up with a buddy – but failing because he wasn’t working there that night – I returned a few days later to check out their cheap wings special on a Wednesday evening.

It was C$6 per plate of wings – they have six different flavours – and the dipping sauces were C$1.50 each. The normal price for the wings was C$12.


The first flavour I tried was the Kansas Style BBQ, with Parmesan dipping sauce…


Then, Maple Bacon with Ranch sauce…


And finally, Salt & Pepper with no dip…


And…ahhh… once again the Penguins lost when I was at The Bimini… nice!


Oh yeah, the wings were fantastic… but it was a little much… I got there at 6pm and I was told the wings were on special the whole night. Had I arrived earlier, I would have been able to enjoy their Happy Hour (3-6pm), where some of the appetizers were C$5 apiece (including their poutine).

Will probably try some of those next time!


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