Red Card Sports Bar (Vancouver)


SK wanted to watch hockey at the pub, so I got her and a couple of her friends to hang out at Red Card Sports Bar on Smithe Street in downtown Vancouver (560 Smithe St.) on a Monday afternoon.


It was perfect because it was the true Opening Day in baseball and the Leafs-Sabres game (as well as Red Wings-Senators) was on too. Since it was only 4:00-ish, the place was more than half empty.

We got to see the end of the Blue Jays-Orioles game (haha – Toronto lost in extra innings), and also the Leafs score 3 goals in 43 seconds to take control of their contest.

Oh yeah, the food… we decided to share a Loaded Nachos and Sweet Chili Chicken Wings.



SK and the other two friends seemed to like the place… H thought that they should have regular meetups at Red Card… but I cautioned that it was not busy because it was only 4ish. If, say, the Canucks game was on and it was 7pm or later, the place would likely be packed.


J, meanwhile, talked about wanting to return to watch the Whitecaps on the big screen….


All in all, it was a good outing; everyone enjoyed the food and the atmosphere.

If I had to do anything differently, it was probably ordering a second plate of wings… While the nachos was more than enough for sharing, we could have had more wings for sure. But other than that, everything else was fine.


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