Nando’s Chicken (Surrey)


Nando’s Chicken has several locations across British Columbia, including the fast-food version in food courts. I went to the Surrey location on 101 Avenue and 152 Street (104-15190 101 Avenue, Surrey, BC), which is a sit-down style restaurant hidden behind TD Canada Trust.


The unique part about the Nando’s sit-down restaurants is that you are seated by a server and given a menu. But you have to actually physically get up and go to order at the counter, give them your table number, and then return to your seat as they would then bring your order to your table.

In the meantime, if you ordered a soft drink, you would be given a glass and directed to the self-serve fountain drink section. You would also be encouraged to grab a sauce or two for your food while at that station.



The chicken was fine, but on this visit I wasn’t a fan of the wedges. Perhaps more sauce was needed for them.

In any event, the wait for the food to arrive was long, but the service was top notch. Definitely a good hang-out place for families and groups of friends.


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