Bai Bua Thai Cuisine

Back on a Friday in December, I was at Bai Bua Thai Cuisine on Hastings and Nanaimo Street in East Vancouver. This was my second visit – though I don’t think I posted anything from my first visit several months back.


For a beverage, I ordered their Thai Ice Tea, which came with a choice of either milk or lemon. I opted for lemon.


It was very sweet and refreshing – something I enjoyed even on a cold Friday evening.

I didn’t want any rice dishes during this visit, so I had their Gai Yang (C$9.90), which was Thai-style BBQ grilled chicken, and also their Garlic Pork (C$11.90).


Perhaps I should have ordered some rice – but I really don’t like rice to begin with – because the two dishes combined were very greasy.


The garlic pork was served with three slices of cucumber on the side, as you can see in the picture. As for the pork… very oily.


The Gai Yang (grilled chicken) came with a sweet chili dipping sauce. According to what I researched online, gai yang is commonly eaten throughout the whole of Thailand and is a standard staple of street markets, a dish readily available at all times.



I had to drink lots of liquid afterward because of the grease. Served me right for not ordering different dishes. Next time, I’ll probably get one of the curry dishes.

Where: Bai Bua Thai Cuisine, 1-2443 East Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada  V5K 1Y8


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