Church’s Chicken: Defy the Fury 8 Pepper Chicken


During the spring of 2019, Church’s Chicken had a special item on their menu called Defy the Fury 8 Pepper Chicken, which I probably had four or five times.

This was a three-piece combo with fries and a drink for C$8.35 plus tax.


As I said, I had this about four or five times, and a couple of times I’d say they were “misses” but the other times they were “hits.”

I didn’t know what the eight peppers were, but likely included jalapeno, red pepper, and habanero.


The chicken tasted like their spicy chicken but topped with a sweet hot sauce and sesame seeds.

Yes, the name said “Defy the Fury…” But, from my own experiences, I’d say you weren’t really defying the fury with this fried chicken because it wasn’t really that spicy.

Obviously, this was a messy item, so plenty of napkins were needed for each order.

Also, I had these at three different locations, and each location (and perhaps each visit) was different. There was some sort of inconsistency.

Sometimes, the chicken came with green onion on top; other times, it didn’t.

On at least two occasions, I was told that that particular location that evening didn’t have the 8 pepper chicken available, so I ended up ordering something different.

One afternoon during lunch at yet another location, I was told it’d be a 15-minute wait for them to have the 8 pepper chicken prepared, which I was okay with and waited.

And, as mentioned, sometimes it was a hit and other times it was a miss. (See this tiny, tiny piece… that’d be a miss…)

But what I normally did was dip the fries against the sauce and ate the fries that way. I’m not a fan of Church’s Chicken fries, so that sweet hot sauce made the fries a little bit tastier.

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